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Turkey will find an alternative to Russian gas

Turkish president said that the government will hold "consultations with the armed forces and other departments"


Turkish president said that the government will hold “consultations with the armed forces and other departments.”

Talking of Russians who live in Turkey, Erdogan said that they have rights and obey the laws, “Turkey respects it.”

“Turkey will not fall for emotions, for example, to order home people who came here from Russia, bought an apartment, settled”, – he said.

Erdogan also said that the country will find an alternative to Russian gas if supply will be canceled.

“You know, that we use natural gas not so long time- you know, when we discovered it. This nation used to suffer.” And we will live without Russian gas, “- he said. – I explained before that except the Russian gas we buy it from many countries. God helps us, we will overcome the problem. ”

Russia falls for emotions according to the current crisis in relations with Turkey, supposed Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

“The Russian viewpoint is undiplomatic. They resolve the issue falling for emotions, – stated Erdogan. – It is not good immediately to access the sanctions. When most of countries introduced sanctions into effect as for Russia, Turkey did not. We have said that Russia is our strategic partner, and we will continue to deliver foodstuffs, “- he said. On his opinion, Russia’s decision to refuse the Turkish foodstuffs  is “irresponsibly for the state.”

“We’re high-minded in this situation. We don’t use the same response, we try to use diplomacy. And we expect that the Russians will also change the viewpoint,” – said the Turkish president.

“Petrol’s Providers to Turkey are known”

World leaders do not believe the information on Turkey buys the oil from terrorist group “Islamic State” (IS is banned in Russia), Erdogan said.

“It is a slander. But the world leaders do not believe the charge, I understood it, talking with some of them,” – he argued. “The Russian President Vladimir Putin is not unconvincing, claiming that Turkey buys oil from the IS, informed by Erdogan. – If Putin will prove it, I am ready to give up the presidency . Moreover, is he ready to give up his presidency? “. The Turkish leader recalled that previously similar charge was made by Iran.

“Petrol’s providers to Turkey are known. Most of the oil and gas we buy from Russia, from Iran annually we buy 10 billion cu.m. Moreover, our providers are Azerbaijan, Northern Iraq, Algeria, Qatar, sometimes Nigeria. It is known, who buys petrol from IS. For example, George Hasvani, a Russian citizen, and at the same time, the Syrian. He buys petrol from the IS and sells it to the Assad’s political regime. This was reported by USA’s sources “, – he said. Erdogan noted that he discussed this issue with US President Barack Obama, and this situation is known.

Erdogan also claims that the type of warnings to pilots Su-24M and the duration of these signals could be changed if Turkey had known about the aircraft’s sovereignty, which crossed the country’s airspace.

“I said that, having in mind that could be changed the type of warnings and their duration,” – said Erdogan to reporters, clarifying statements that the output to crossing the airspace would be different in the case if It was identified as Russian.


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