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After all events in Alanya was signed an agreement


After all events in Alanya in last days was signed an agreement. Today, Mayor Murat Yucel Adam held a meeting with all representatives of political parties of Alanya. Protests in Alanya against the terrorism and the death of soldiers moved to riots and arson. Using the occasion, radical people smashed and set fire to offices, shops, restaurants. This is adversely affects the reputation of Alanya. The law’s representatives made all possible to except violations, protected from vandals premises, but nevertheless the city got an extensive damage. It happened at the top of the tourist season, in front of guests and tourists. All marches and protests should be held calmly. Alanya is a tourist center, which is visited by people from all over the world. Alanya ‘s administration will not let to make acts of vandalism and violations. All people who presented at the meeting convicted violation acts and signed an agreement inviting all residents of Alanya.


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