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Alanya is the paradise city


Alanya, means a lot … Alanya is a region of Antalya,which located in the south of the Mediterranean sea. Alanya is a district center unites a variety of areas. Alanya is a resort city, a favorite place for vacation by people from many countries. Alanya is a place that many foreign residents have chosen for permanent residence. Alanya has become as a second home for many people around the world.

Alanya also has known as Karakession and Kalonoros, it means “beautiful mountain”, previously served as a refuge for pirates. History of Alanya goes back to the ancient times. Up to now it is not known when and by whom Alanya was built. The first mention of this city belongs to the ancient time. In the antique era Alanya was situated between the borders of Pamphylia and Cilicia, and sometimes is mixed up with Cilicia, and sometimes – with Pafmiliyu. Herodotus indicates that people who lived in the region between Pamphylia and Cilicia, were the descendants of those who colonized Anatolia after the Trojan War.

Alanya is mentioned for the first time in history under the name Koratsesium. in 1871 it became the administrative center of Antalya. The city was received the name of Alanya in 1933 at the suggestion of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey. In the first half of the 20th century Alanya was an agrarian city, which was depended on the production of citrus fruit and bananas, and in 1950 became a tourist attraction aimed at improving and rehabilitation, thanks to healthy air of the cave Damalatash. Travel importance of the city has taken international dimensions, its position improved quickly thanks to the historical past and natural beauty.

Today, Alanya is one of the largest tourist centers in the Mediterranean. The most significant characteristic of Alanya, which distinguishes it from other tourist centers of the world that is located in the Mediterranean, this city has become a large resort offering goods and services of all kinds. In Alanya there is a huge variety of accommodation, entertainment and shopping centers, beaches, the quality of which is confirmed by the International Blue Flag, it is always for all the people for free. T

hanks to the warm Mediterranean Sea, as well as protect against the cold northern winds by the Taurus Mountains, Alanya is the warmest largest city of Turkey. It is impossible to describe the modern Alanya, since in recent years the region is developing speedily. Building new roads, interchanges, bridges, shopping centers, hospitals, schools. Alanya Gazipasa Airport, contributes to the development of the region. Today Alanya speaks almost in all languages ​​of the world.


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