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Alanya’s news, events, facts for the last week


The week’s events in Alanya began with days of mourning by cause of the terrorist attack in Ankara. Then began the usual days of the resort town. In Alanya still is summer weather, air temperature is 30 degrees, the water temperature is 28 degrees. Vacationers and visitors continue to enjoy the warmth of Alanya. Most of the events happened in the end of this week:
– in Alanya was the warship of Turkish Coast Guard, two days everyone could visit as a tour the warship.
– The Cat Town in Alanya is prepared for the winter, and now the inhabitants of the town will be able to survive during the rain and bad weather.
– Iranian artist painted a volumetric 3D picture of the fortress in Alanya, the picture could be seen on the dock of the city.
– Police Department conducted a planned inspection of buses and school transport
– The works on construction and reconstruction of the two parks in the entrance of Alanya from the Antalya side are almost completed, Alanya now has a new image.
– At the airport Gazipasha is officially opened the runway, the first persons of the country came to the opening, such as the President and the Prime – Minister of Turkey.
– In Alanya was held two days of the 25th Triathlon World Championships, press and television around the world covered the event.
The most important event this week is a preparing for the election which will be held on 1st of November. Parliamentary candidates actively campaign in each region, each party needs the votes.


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