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An autumn came to Alanya


An autumn came to Alanya, it usually comes in the end of September. This Autumn is not such as in Russia, when you need to immediately put on jackets, caps, boots. In Alanya is another autumn. It comes suddenly, for example an hour ago was the sun and hot, suddenly start strong winds, clouds, storm.

Everything happens so quickly that many people are so surprised. Umbrellas, raincoats do not help, because when you take an umbrella to the beach or going for a walk start so force wind that in the air tables, chairs and other items fly. Who left the towels and bikini to dry on the balcony, they are unlikely could not be found.

Rain, no, it does not rain, and do not rain, the feeling that the sea turned over, and all the water came on the ground. Lightning and thunder are force that seems that at this moment came the end of world. All sky power brings down their strength to the earth. At this time looking at the powerful forces of nature, you feel that you are so small and helpless, just a little detail in the world and it is not possible to do anything, just watching from the sidelines and wait until it’s over.

The rain’s force leaves puddles, and the wind carries the water flow to the beach. At this point, you will not feel you safety with an umbrella or a raincoat, you only need to hide in the shelter.

The rain is not long, less than an hour, and then in one minute could finish everything, the sun comes again and people continue their way. The first time when people see this type of nature, are shocked, because at home this does not happen.

This weather is very rare, usually twice a year, in spring and autumn, when nature turns from summer to autumn or winter to spring. After this immediately it is noticeable changing in the weather, especially in the evening and at night, the street becomes a much more comfortable, it takes heat and humidity. The temperature continues to be a day for 30, 22 at night, the sea is warm, tourist will rest to mid-November, but for Turks, it is already autumn.

So yesterday, the nature showed that an autumn came.


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