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Antalya has lost the most part of Russian tourists


Favorite Turkish city for Russians is Antalya, this year is lost 20% of tourists from Russia. Every resort region in Turkey has this problem but Antalya suffers most of all.

Leaders of the tourism industry made all possible improvement: significantly reduced the cost of tours, extended the action “early booking” until June, let the free staying for children with parents. But anything is not helped.

During the tourist season the Russians did not visit Turkey comparing with previous years. The come-down of tourist from Russia in Antalya is very sad new for turkish people. In the first six months of this year, Antalya were visited by 1,077,793 Russians, and this despite the fact that in all the previous years, Russia had the second place after Germany in number of trips Turkey.

The most Russian tourists prefer going to Kemer. Kemer were visited by 70% of the total Russians tourist flow. This year Kemer hotels are half-empty, and the Russian language you could hear only sometimes. if before the tourists were coming mainly for 10 nights, now the most popular tours are for 7 nights.

The manager of one popular hotel in Antalya said that if in the last years the reservation was canceled one time a week but this year every week are 6-7 cancelations. And who still comes to the resorts of Antalya, does not spend the money as before. The owners of gold shops and leather centers have the same troubles. The Russians stay in hotels “all is included”, and do not want to go out to make shopping.


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