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Belarus and Kyrgystan’s Presidents are for a peace

Presidents of Belarus and Kyrgyzstan plead to avoid "inflame passions" and make up a quarrel

Lukashenko urged the Russia and Turkey to “make at least half-step towards each other”. Russia and Turkey should find a way to overcome the “inflaming passions,” said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.
Mistakes are inevitable, the situation should not be escalated, but it should be resolved, due to compromises and concessions. “It is necessary to overcome “inflaming passions” and find a way to make at least half- step towards each other. And the problem will be resolved, those good, close relationships between this nations will be brought back, as a before, I am sure,” – said the President of Belarus.
Almazbek Atambayev also called on countries to “stop the escalation in bilateral relations.” Kyrgyzstan’s President also thinks that Russia and Turkey should bring back a good-neighborly relations, as a before the incident with the Russian bomber.


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