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Erdogan calls on change the Turkish Constitution

According to Ibrahim Kalyn, the president's press secretary, the Turkish authorities should held a referendum to create the Constitution for the transfer of government system to a presidential form.


Turkish president has supposed that it is necessary to create the new Constitution. Erdogan needs to receive the support of opposition parties to implement long-planned idea about transferring the government system to presidential form.

According to the President, the development of a new constitution is a priority of the newly elected parliament.

In the last elections the AKP,  with current Prime Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu, received 49.5% of votes, which provided 317 seats out of 550 in parliament, and this result makes it possible to form a single-party government. But in order to have the right to change the constitution, the party would get two-thirds votes, but it did not happen.

The most important challenges for the future work, put the end to internal political crisis which could not finish in the country last few months, and to normalize the situation in the south-eastern regions of the country which are covered by bloody conflict between Turks and the supporters of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). It has the country’s membership as a terrorist organization and defends the interests of the most radical citizens in Turkey, the Kurdish minority (around 18% of the population).

During his speech in Ankara in front of the heads of local government, Erdogan said that the most important decision came on the day of elections, on 1st of November – is the necessity to create the new constitution. On opinion of the President, the people wait it. He hopes that in the preparation of a new version of the constitution in the near future the deputies will contribute it.

Against this system are the opposition parties, who think that it will be realize the Erdogan’s dream to come to an authoritarianism.

In order to reform the constitution, the ruling party is needed to enlist the influence of 330 deputies from Mejlis. Already at disposal there are 317 warrants, to get 13 more is not difficult for Erdogan. This support could be get from the nationalists. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutolu has urged parliament to speed up the creation of a new constitution.


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