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In Alanya archaeologists excavate pirate ancient city


In Alanya archaeologists excavate pirate ancient city. This town was discovered in the area of ​​Gazipasa. Excavations continue in the ancient city Antioch Ad Kragnum in Gazipasa Antalya’s region which was one of a pirate centers. This time of excavations was been found a mosaic of 600-meter length, the ruins of baths, the parliament building, a small temple with a mosaic floor, not far from the temple was discovered the head of the mythological character Medusa. This statue had the triangular form and was based on four pillars. According to some sources, all the coast of Cilicia was used by pirates as a hideout. Its geographical location and outgo to the sea, it is also show that this theory is true. In this region, the mountains are parallel to the sea. Despite the fact that the mountains are next to the sea, the city, however, is a 350-meter height. Pirates used advantages of the nature. Before the Roman period, sometimes pirates raided the city on land, sometimes on merchant ships. The Roman general Pompey Magnus finished with piracy, then, we could see their presence. The Roman Empire was firmly established in the region, “the city of pirates” was handed over to the kingdom of Cappadocia. During this period, the king of Cappadocia, Antiochus IV invested money to this city and built it. One of them was the city of Antioch in Antioch Ad Kragum. After the underwater expeditions were been discovered anchor, age is from 2000 to 2500 years, which will open us more detailed about the city’s history.


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