Home Life stories In Alanya tourist season goes to the end

In Alanya tourist season goes to the end


In Alanya tourist season goes to the end, many hotels will finish their work soon. The end of October, the last week of the month, is remembered the autumn. Although the weather is fine, warm, the sea as a in the summer is warm, on the Antalya coast tourist season officially goes to the end. In the residential complexes are began merging pools, sometimes it rains. The sea is warm almost till the end of November, from 20th of November, when night temperatures fall to 15 degrees, the sea starts to cool. From 1st of November will only work year-round hotels, other hotels will closed. There are still a lot of tourists in Alanya during the winter months, the Europeans love this time of year, especially the elderly. They walk, sit on the waterfront, enjoy nature and breathe the sea air.


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