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In Antalya on April 2016 will presented Expo-2016


In Antalya on 23th of April 2016 the doors will opened to the World Botanical Exhibition «Expo-2016″. The theme of the exhibition – “Children and Flowers”, so EXPO 2016 will be dedicated to botany. For the exhibition area were allotted 110 acres in the village Aksu, as a reserve there are about 65 acres in the «Country Garden». Antaliinsky “West Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute” has allocated 90 acres of the area to prepare for the «Expo-2016″.

It is expected that in 2016 Antalya will be visited by about 5 million tourists in the framework of «Expo-2016″. For example, two million tourists come to the city just for the exhibition, and about 3 million people in the Republic of Turkey will visit a different fairs.

It is planned that in the «Expo-2016″ will be represented the flora which grows in Antalya’s region, in the list are amounted to 29 kinds of seasonal flowers, 54 species of trees, 62 species of shrubs and fruit trees, aromatic herbs and decorative bulbs. On 24th of August in an international and domestic airport’s terminals in Antalya was a presentation of symbols of EXPO 2016. Cute Dolls Ezhe and Efe welcomed to travelers of domestic and international flights.

Ezhe and Efe gave to people books with the description about the exhibition. Most of all, children were pleased on the representation Symbols exhibition were inviting everyone to visit a grand global event which for the first time is represented in Turkey.


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