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In Mahmutlar there is bus problem


In Mahmutlar there is bus problem, buses are not enough, they are outdated and do not have the needed requirements, said the manager Ahmet Top. Today Alanya has a population more than 50 thousand people, for this number of population there are 18 buses, bus fleet is old, the bus schedule is not comfortable. Ahmet Top appealed to the administration of Alanya with the criticism that this issue could not be resolved for many years. Alanya Municipality has promised to improve bus service in Alanya, but still now this problem has not been resolved. Russian-speaking population collected signatures, which are transmitted to the governor, to update the bus fleet, but no answer to this request yet. Ahmet Top said buses in Alanya start walking at 6.45 am, at which time all students go at school, buses are overcrowded, students wait for the bus for a long time. Mahmutlar manager said that if the problem will not resolved soon, he will be appeal to the Ministry of Turkey.


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