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In Turkey halal – tourism is gaining momentum


In Turkey halal – tourism is becoming a booming industry. A growing number of hotels that provide the needs of Muslim travelers, who can offer visitors a pool or beach for women only. Halal hotels have gained popularity on the part of tourists vacationing in Turkey, and now they will be able to go and halal cruise.

Fusion Tour Travel Company offers the country’s first 100% halal cruise designed for devout Muslims. Travelers who have ascended to the ship, which sailed in late September, will find it separate for men and women gyms, spas and Turkish baths. Also on this ship that sailed in the Aegean Sea, there is no alcohol, gambling and pork products. All furniture and equipment will be rigorously tested. “It is not just a cruise, in which no alcohol or pork – says Kemal Gunay, general manager of the company’s Fusion Tour, which launches this cruise, it will be city tour is incredibly interesting in its content”


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