Home News In Turkey In Turkey launched landing ship amphibious “Bayraktar”

In Turkey launched landing ship amphibious “Bayraktar”


In Turkey launched the amphibious landing ship of domestic production “Bayraktar.” The launching ceremony of the ship in Istanbul’s Tuzla attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who said that the external dependence of the defense industry in Turkey every day decreases.

The combat system of new spacecraft is created by domestic producers. The ship amphibious will serve not only in the seas Turkey, but also in the oceans. If it necessary, he will be involved to the rescue work during the disaster. “Bayraktar” is able to withstand nuclear, biological and chemical attacks.

Erdogan wished the ship – amphibious “Bayraktar,” will serve as a protection for people and all the sailors. Turkish President also congratulated citizenship on the Navi Day, is celebrated on the day of victory in a naval battle Preveza.


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