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In Turkey people sink too

Turkish tourism bounces back after Gülenist coup attempt

This year in Turkey for the three summer months 218 people were died next to seaside. When hot days came number of accidents increased. In the first four months across the country 46 people were drowned.

The most accidents occurred in Istanbul, 27 people were died. Than Mersin – 21 people, Adana – 18, Antalya -17, Hatay- 16. Although these statistic is ridiculous, comparing with Russia however, the Turkish authorities are seriously concerned about it.

In order to prevent accidents across the country held a meeting with representatives of local authorities. In every city which is next to seaside are required to place on the beaches rescue stations and explain to population rules of safety. As a life guards on the beaches were employed 246,000 people, who keep public order and compliance of rules and behavior on the water.


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