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In Turkey, the first four-seater car was produced with solar panels


In Monday Istanbul Technical University presented to the public Arun (Aruna) – The first four-seater “family” car in Turkey, powered by solar panels. This car was constructed by a team of students and scholars and presented at an event in Istanbul. After a tour of Turkey Aruna will participate in the international race World Solar Challenge, which will be passed on October in Australia.

Team founders said that the car was designed to support the domestic automotive industry and show to people that everyday you can use alternative energy sources. Aruna could go 500 kilometers at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour, and the cost to use solar system is only 5 liras (1.69 dollars) per 500 kilometers. Although the idea of ​​a solar panels vehicle for public using in Turkey is not new, but has just realized first time. However, the huge production in the near future is not expected. This year, a team of designers from the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) Ankara won seven awards International Design Awards in the United States to invent “Solar Taxi» (Solar Taxi), five-seater taxis powered by solar energy. Transport Department in Istanbul last week also released first solar-panels bus. Excepting of the engine, all the energy needs of the bus covered by solar panels – from the information displays and electronic components to give the additional power to the bus’s battery.


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