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In Turkey the Russian tourists died


In the Turkish resort Beldibi during the riding a parachute which was tethered to the boat, two Russian tourists were died, the cause of extreme entertainment, that is named “parasailing”, it is very popular in beach resort . At first glance, a harmless but difficult task, has many dangers. Maybe something could happen with the boat, to come a strong wind. In the end, the tourist risks to entangle in a parachute, while he appears in the water. Accidents were a lot. During the flight on a parachute which was tethered to the boat, in Beldibi two Russian tourists crashed. At once woman died, because she had a lot of injuries, the man was hospitalized with a broken back. Doctors say that he need a lot of treatment. Each tourists have been insured for 15 thousand dollars, both cases were recognized as an insurance. For last three days is the third accident with Russian tourists in the resort in Beldibi, the region of Antalya. Last Saturday, on the public beach 72-year-old Russian tourist drowned, on Sunday in the hotel pool 83-year-old Russian drowned.


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