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In Turkey will be appeared tax-free tourist zone


“In Turkey, will be appeared tax-free tourist zone”- said the Minister of Economy of Turkey Zeybekchi. Tax-free tourist zones will be set up in the coastal regions of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, particularly in Cesme, Bodrum, Didim, Marmaris and in the west of Antalya. Tourists who will arrive in foreign ships can enter to these areas without a passport, and it will facilitate the passing border and customs inspection for the foreign tourists. In this areas will be offered a different activities and services, and will be built shopping centers, this sector will be oriented to tourists with a high income’s level. The index of competitiveness in tourism sector shows that tourism in Turkey for the potential is not sufficiently competitive. The plan that was proposed by the Minister of Economy about free taxes tourist zone, can resolve this problem. According to the index of the World Economic Forum in 2015, Turkey has 12th place in tourist income and the 44th place – in quality of tourism, which includes categories such as transportation, the environment, safety and security. The highest rates are health and hygiene, infrastructure, tourism services, air transport infrastructure and business, took respectively 5.41, 5.04, 4.66 and 4.54 points out of seven possible. Zones can control the inflow and outflow of tourists which come by cruise ships and yachts for shopping and rest in hotels. Such areas will significantly improve the infrastructure of the tourism sector in Turkey, especially in shipping.


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