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In Turkey, will be implemented the project “Human Genome”

Implementation of the project "Human Genome" in Turkey will help to determine the genetic map of the human and personal treatment to cure cancer


Vice-Minister of Health, Professor Eyup Gumush noted that Turkey implements important projects associated with high medical technology, target methods of therapies and genetic characteristics, it’s very important points in the fight against cancer.

Within this framework, according to Gumush, it’s necessary to screen cancer through genetic characteristics of the human. He also said that in 2016 Turkey will implement the project “Human Genome”.

Turkey has not yet done the cancer’s genetic monitoring, that’s why Medical and Biological Center “Genome” will be built in Istanbul and Ankara.

Gumush said that Turkey will also conduct new research to develop the pharmaceutical industry. “Now therefore, on the basis of genetic characteristics will be developed new pills agains cancer,” – said Gumush.

The project “Human Genome” (eng. The Human Genome Project, HGP) – an international research project, the main objectives are a determination of the nucleotide environs that make up DNA and identification 20-25 thousand genes in the human genome. The key to the treatment of cancer, blood’s incoagulability, Alzheimer’s disease and many other illness was obtained in the course of seven-year project on decoding of the human genome.


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