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Interview with Mahmutlar headman Mr.Ahmet Top


Residents of Mahmutlar always have many questions regarding live in Mahmutlar. We met with Mahmutlar headman Mr.Ahmet Top and asked him question answers on which people want to have the most.

Last week municipal assembly of Alanya approver new plan of development of Mahmutlar? What do we have to expect?

New development plan has expanded boundaries of the city, zone where the new buildings can be build. Now it is allowed to build in surroundings of Mahmutlar. It mean that Mahmutlar will develop even faster, which is good for the city. There are no more other changes.

From the 1st of September bread got more expensive. Why? It got more expensive only in Alanya or all over Turkey?

All over Turkey. The price on bread depends on prices on grain which grew up. Turkey buys grain abroad. That is why prices grew up not only on bread but on some other products as well.

Residents who live on the border of Mahmutlar and Kargicak asked to plant new trees on the street where residences Yenisey 2 and Novita 1 are situated. Any progress on it?

As a rule trees are always planted when the construction is finished. On that street there is a new and last building are being build now. When the construction is finished in 2016, trees will be planted and other works will be done.


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