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Interview with Mr.Kerim Yilmaz Kasimoglu

Kerim Yilmaz Kasimoglu is a member of TURSAB (Assosiation of travel agencies in Turkey), member of Chamber of Commerce of Alanya and owner of a big travel company in Alanya, born and rased up in Alanya as well.


Kerim Yilmaz Kasimoglu is a member of TURSAB (Assosiation of travel agencies in Turkey), member of Chamber of Commerce of Alanya and owner of a big travel company in Alanya, born and rased up in Alanya as well. He is taking a very active part in tourism developing  in Alanya region.

Mr.Kerim Yilmaz Kasimoglu agreed to answer on our questions:

– Recent accidents in Alanya and Mahmutlar , when demonstrations against terrorism escalated into riots and had a negative impact on the quiet touristic Alanya . What happened and if there is any guarantee that this will not happen again ?

The terrorists started to kill Turkish soldiers and police officers, two policemen from Alanya was killed. All this caused a backlash among the population. Across Turkey, demonstraions against terrorism were held, Demontsrations took place in Alanya as well. Unfortunately, there were  “provocateurs” who took advantage of the situation and rioted. The purpose of these actions – to undermine the image of Turkey as a safe touristic destination. Unfortunately, all this happened in the middle of the touristic season, and many tourists saw it all. Alanya Municipality has responded to these actions, a meeting with all the political parties was held, and an official document was signed by all political parties to prevent such actions. The press conference by the mayor and the governor of the city was held, to which all regional leaders of political parties , representatives of trade and business, foreign tour operators and the media were invited. At the press conference, the city officials declared that such incidents would not happen in Alanya again, tourists and guests like before can come to our city and feel safe.

– Mahmutlar is one of the most developing areas of ​​Alanya, but after the elections in 2014, when all the surrounding areas were connected to Alanya, seems that Mahmutlar has been forgotten by the authorities. Streets are not being cleaned, the fountains are not working. What is actually being done for Mahmutlar?.

I love all areas of Alanya, but Mahmutlar is a very special place for me. Where I grew up, I live and work here, and, just like everyone else, I am worried about its condition and development of the city. Of course, after the unification of all parts the structure have been eliminated. No one had any experience of  managing such a large city. It was necessary to re-create all the structures in a short time. Administration of Alanya and Antalya, take all the measures to normalize the work of all departments. Even today, everyone can notice that many things has changed to better.

– This year beaches in Alanya and Mahmutlar especially were not cleaned properly, they are in a very bad condition.

Yes, indeed they are. Once again, it all takes time. It was necessary to form a new department, but not just create a local department, but also get all the permittions ftom the government. Today, all this is over. Next year, the promenade and the beaches will be cleaned in accordance with all requirements and standards .

– In Alanya and in Mahmutlar everyone sells everything: tours, tickets, offers its services. Does the municipality struggle with it?

Indeed, every day we receive many complaints, tourists complaints. Every day TURSAB checks, detects, punishes and closes the various agencies. All services should be provided only by licensed organizations. I recommend to all tourists and visitors of Alanya buy excursions, products, especially cheap onces only from official representatives. Do not hesitate to ask for a license. Do not buy tickets or tours at the stores and other places that have nothing to do with it . Everyone who sells tickets and tours, have to be licensed by the ” TÜRSAB .” Only TURSAB provides certification and issues all necessary permits. Before you buy – ask whether the seller has the license .

– Another issue of concern to many residents of Mahmutlar are busses. Here we have only small busses which  do not meet all the requirements of safety and comfort.

This issue is also discussed at all levels and is already solved . To the Head of the Department of Transport and transport cooperatives of Alanya has been  given a written order to modernize the busses . Otherwise, they will be penalized . Soon all the buses will be replaced by  modern and comfortable models.

– Will we get soon the sea transport linking Antalya to Alanya?

This issue was also addressed to the Mayor of Antalya, a project is agreed and approved on all the level of the Turkish government. Now they actively looking for investors who will realize this idea. The project budget is quite big, the state does not participate in the financing of this kind of projects.

– Are there any plans of Tourism Development in the region?

We are working on it. Tourism is a major source for our region . Alanya will only develop in this direction . New hotels are being constructed and Alanya develops very fast. We have work to do and we have many things which can attract tourists and visitors . For example, in Alanya is an ancient town Naula (Naula), which is able to compete even with the Genoese fortress in Alanya. To The Ministry of Tourism we submitted the project of restoration of the ancient fortress. If our project will get approval from the government, we will have in Alanya a new tourist route. We need to develop our region and attract many tourists and visitors, Alanya has a great placemnent, not far from Antalya and so close to Gazipasa airport.

– Thank you very much , Mr Kerim for your time!


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