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Is it safe to rest today in Alanya?


Is it safe to rest today in Alanya, this question recently people ask a lot. People write what is the situation in Alanya, can we come or not, is it dangerous. Government and official information say that it is not dangerous.

In Turkey, only there are protests against on the terrorism. Hotels and other recreation no have dangerous, visitors and tourists can also easily visit all places. This week in all parts of Alanya were a lot of meetings, which had problems with police, fire-raising of restaurants and shops.

The government say that everything is controlled, no attacks with common people. Fortunately, information about casualties was not reported. Only the meeting’s participants and the people who were there, were affected by the tear gas, which was used by police.

In hotels the situation is quiet, hotel owners say that there is not the cancelation of the tours, the tourists continue coming for holidays. The beaches are crowded, people come with small children. Many tourists do not know anything about the events of the last days, or learn it from the news on social networks. Europeans also rest easy, nobody does not turn tours and does not leave the country.

Some local foreign residents who live on the streets where happened demonstrations were afraid, and some residents do not know anything about it. The situation is the same in all regions, from Konakli to Mahmutlar. Everybody has one question – when the situation will be quiet.

According to the official information the situation is controlled, the police make everything possible to Alanya have order and peace. People who would like visiting Alanya could not be worried and come to the rest.


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