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Market or bazaar in Alanya


Market or markets are working in different parts of Alanya each day. In the markets sell everything from his grown produce, fruits and vegetables, to things and products produced in factories. Here you can buy textiles, items, shoes, souvenirs, all the food. Turks actively attend markets and buy everything you need. Foreign residents and tourists also try to visit the Turkish bazaar. Prices in the markets of different regions differ, though the sellers are the same, growing up with the beginning of the tourist season. The most valuable thing that you can buy at the market fruits and vegetables for local farmers and to bargain, if you want to buy a thing or product for a lower price than it is. Who has lived in Alanya, knows that the most valuable, environmentally friendly products, vegetables, fruits, herbs and more, it is from private owners, all of which is grown in neighboring areas and sell always fresh straight from the beds. Private traders and local farmers – these are ordinary elderly Turks, and even quite grandparents who usually sell the product at the beginning of the market, at the entrance. Markets begin to work from early morning to late evening. Many go in the evening, at the end of the day you can get a significant discount. At any time of the year on the tables fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits and salads. Turks consume and sell mint, nettle, sage, herbal teas, which is so lacking in Russia. If you are on holiday in Alanya, be sure to visit the Turkish bazaars, learn where they are not difficult, markets are open daily.


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