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Markets in Mahmutlar


Markets in Mahmutlar as in each region of ​​Alanya, are opened several days a week. The market in Alanya is a big area with tents and market places, the market as the city – bazaar, nobody knows where is the end. It is difficult to understand what is more things or products, perhaps equally. Markets are opened during the year, vegetables, herbs are always fresh. It does not matter how many times you did not come to the market, always you can admire and amaze by such a variety products. If people come for the first time to the Turkish market, the head is going around, because does not know what choose. In the markets you can taste everything, the seller will offer it. All products you choose and put to the package yourself, take only what you enjoy. In market there is not seasonal vegetables, because cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs grow all the year. If you came for holiday to Turkey is necessary to visit the Turkish bazaar, the impression will be amazing.


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