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My Mahmutlar. My summer


Arina wrote her impressions about Mahmutlar.
Part 1.
Summer have not come this year in St. Petersburg (the city where I’m from) I felt it that the weather will be very sad, so on March I bought tickets to Turkey and booked an apartment in ​​Alanya. Away from the big resorts, away from the crowds and loud. It was a good choice. Mahmutlar is a small town next to Alanya. It is comfortable. I would like to say that I did not thinking about the city to choose, only felt it will be this town. Because when i decided to go to Turkey, to my mind appeared the word “Mahmutlar”. Of course! And I’m looked for an apartment there. And I was not surprised … In the social network I found a wonderful girl with the beautiful name Jadwiga, who offers a lot of options. Oh, and I tortured her those time and before the departure, too. My questions, curiosity, nerves, she got it calmly and promissed a great rest. Just a couple of days before the holiday, Jadwiga wrote me that our apartment has the problem, and we should relocated to the suite, on the first line, to the city center and the sea view from the window. I was very glad and my mother also, because she wanted to open the door and immediately go into the sea … But the course of international currencies, this year has been made surprise, that’s why we could not spend a lot of money. And then this turn of events! Sure, the trip had to be a memorable. By the way, the second time we go with family for a vacation. My family are two children, parents and my husband. To prepare all the family to organize all aspects: tickets, insurance, coordinate all days off ….. It is not the same with add up Rubik’s Cube. It will be more difficult. Also the situation turned out that the husband and father have a flight 10 days later … Try to be without nerves. But who sets goals, who is positive, that’s all are small troubles. Therefore let’s see into the fun part …
Part 2.
“The sea is very useful. It cures everything except of the motion sickness “, – said this morning, my eldest daughter. The Sea is different for everyone … and its special for everyone. It treats the sickness, but also the soul, sometimes breaks hearts.The sea makes love it, makes come back again and again. My sea framed by the hills of the Taurus mats covered with a light of clouds. I want to climb to the very top point and from there, looking at all this beauty under your feet, shout loudly to the world as you’re happy. My mountains illuminates by bright, blinding sun. It envelops, gently stroking the salty skin, giving it a bronze color. Here, in general, all has its own color. No boring life and routin, cloudy weekend. Seven colors of the rainbow is not limite to Alanya. There are o lot of special colors: the boundless blue sky, lush green grass, bushes and funny sprawling palms, turquoise water depth, people with chocolate skin … Here you need to live the life, breathing in clear, clean air throughout the breast every second. Here you need to eat fragrant fruits and vegetables, drink a cold ayran, taste famous Turkish sweets: baklava, Delight … And local food: gozleme, doner, cigar bёrek. And much, much more … Feed the soul of the world’s beauty, and the body with different delicious dishes. And I do it, I live here my little life, a little vacation, my summer. The summer in Mahmutlar. I am sure that I will leave a piece of my heart here and will definitely be back again.


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