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Property owners will be able to get Turkish citizenship


Property owners will able to get Turkish citizenship, this new was announced by the Economy Minister in Turkey N. Zeybekchi. Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekchi at a meeting with investors of the Gulf countries announced about the beginning of the creating new law to give Turkish citizenship to foreigners who have property in Turkey. “Everyone who has a ownership certificate with our flag – our citizens. We seriously think on the issue. It is not clarified all the details, but we will give the citizenship to people who buy property here, “- he said. Zeybekchi noted that he informed on this idea the Council of Ministers, paying attention that need the time to complete all preparation before the law. The Turkish government supports a lot the construction sector, Zeybekchi said that the sale of property to foreigners is as an export. Economics Minister pointed out that the new regulation will affect the construction companies that sell houses to foreigners, as well as hotels where are foreign tourists. According to Nihat Zeybekchi, companies operating in this area and ensure inflow of currency into the country will qualify as exporting firms.


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