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Property prices in Turkey grow


Property prices in Turkey grow, in the end of the second quarter 2015 the houses and apartments prices in the country increased by 10.95%, this information was published by Central Bank of Turkey (CBRT). In Istanbul, housing prices have increased over the same period by 19%, In Ankara- by 4.6%, In Izmir – by 8.1%. New homes prices increased by 9.5% during the same period. At the same time, Istanbul was recorded the most significant annual increase of 17.1, Izmir -8.7% and Ankara – 6.5%. According to analysts, real estate prices in Turkey will continue growing until the end. The Turkish economy grew forthe year to the end of the second quarter 2015 by 3.8%, the breakthrough for six quarters. After the elections, which will be held next month, and the stabilization of the political situation, investors will finance back to Turkey, that will rise real estate prices.


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