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Republic Day in Turkey


29th of October in Turkey are celebrated Republic Day. This is the main state holiday in the country. This day was chosen in honor of the proclamation of the Turkish Republic. This event occurred on 29th of October 1923, when Mustafa Kemal won the election as a Turkish president. Turkish Republic Day is a holiday. On this day there are different events, celebrations and concerts. This year, Turkey will celebrate this day and rest for four days, pupils for five days. Prime – Minister of Turkey signed a decree that on Friday, 30th of October 30 will be a day off. Turkey will rest for four days. In connection with the parliamentary elections on 1st of November, for all educational institutions 2d of November is declared as a public holiday. Alanya will celebrate the holiday on 28th of October at 13 o’clock next to the Ataturk monument, there will be held the ceremony and laying of wreaths. On 29th of October will be held ceremonies and festivities on the dock in Alanya.


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