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Rope hoist will be in Alanya, won’t it?

There was a long-awaited plan's confirmation, by Antalya Region Council, to build rope hoist in Alanya

There was a long-awaited plan’s confirmation, by Antalya Regional Council, to build ripe hoist in Alanya.
Alanya’s mayor Adem Murat Yujel commented the news:
“I congratulate the residents of our city! This ambitious project will be implemented soon in our city! Researches, which are related to the implementation of the rope hoist, were started several years ago. We never put the project on the long finger.
Up to now official negotiations aren’t over with the General Managment of the Environment Heritage and Urban Development’s Ministry, the General Managment of the Culture Ministry in cultural values and museums, with the Antalya Regional Managment on Cultural Preservation and the Commission on the protection of the natural heritage in Antalya.
We completed the project’s preparation on the surrounding infrastructure. The tender was got 27.09.2012. The last stage to successfully realize a plan of building the rope hoist is confirmation by Council of Ministers.
Built ropeway between Damlatash (Damlataş) and Ehmedek will decrease a road traffic, which is concentrated in the summer months next to the walls of the fortress, also an entry for tourist buses to the territory of the fortress will be forbidden, this buses caused the damage of historical monuments, in this way the construction of the ropeway will prevent damage of cultural heritage, saving the original look of the castle.


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