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Russia canceled visa-free regime with Turkey

In Russia, from 1st of January, 2016 government's decree came into force on cancelation of the visa-free regime with Turkey

Last year, on December, Ankara announced that Turkey isn’t going to introduce visas for Russians in retaliation to Moscow’s decision. The Turkish embassy in Russia pointed out that “we consider the Russian people as friendly and hope to continue the good relations.”
Relations between Moscow and Ankara have deteriorated since the Turkish Air Force shot down a Russian bomber Su-24M in Syria.
Russia introduced some sanctions as for Turkey in the economic and humanitarian sectors.
Visa-free regime between Turkey and Russia has obtained since 2011 (the agreement was signed in 2010). Initially, it was a 30 days staying in Turkey without visa for the Russians (having the external passport), than the term without a visa increased to 60 days (up to now for the Turks it’s the same order, 30 days).


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