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The fight against mosquitoes and insects in Alanya


The fight against mosquitoes and insects in Alanya are conducted from February to late autumn. Mosquitoes make a lot of trouble and inconvenience especially in the city, where there is any kind of water. Alanya Municipality conducts daily chemical treatment by spraying reagents to trees. Chemical treatment has the negative side for the environment, because it kills not only mosquitoes, but harms turtles, lizards and others. Alanya Municipality has developed a new environmentally positive program against mosquitoes by using fish Gambusia affinis. In the world for a long time to combat the larvae of Anopheles mosquitoes are used American viviparous fish Gambusia affinis. Gambusia fish is very important in reducing the number of malaria-carrying mosquitoes in many countries. Gambusia fish eats usually the larvae that mosquitoes leave thereby it destroys insects before they occur. These fish are specially bred and released in all sorts of ponds, streams and wells. Alanya Municipality plans to launch these fish into the irrigation canals and other water bodies of the city to control insects.


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