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The International Tourism Day


The International Tourism Day was proclaimed by the General Assembly of the international Tourism Organization, on 27th of September 1979 in Torremolinos city. The main aim of the festival is the promotion of tourism and travel. Many countries in the world are dependent on tourists from around the world, the tourist business is almost the main source of income for this type of countries. Moreover, tourism is not only a vacation, spending money, sightseeing and shopping. Tourism is great importance for the people because, first of all, tourism develops contacts between the countries, mutual understanding between different nationalities and religions. Turkey pays attention to great importance of tourism. For many years Turks earn money on summer tourism. Turkey is one of the first countries in the world, which has the large amount spending on tourism development. Thanks to the supporting of the tourism, the number of hotel beds in Turkey increased during the twenty years up to five times.


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