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The newspaper “News Alania” in Mahmutlar


News Alania” walked on Mahmutlar. Mahmutlar today, one of the most beautiful areas of developing and Alanya. The population of Mahmutlar is more than 50 000 people, it is completely international city.

In the city of 8 banks, 15 pharmacies, 7 schools, 35 hotels. According to these criteria, Mahmutlar can be self-territorial unit, and his administration, clinics, notary, police, university, sports complex, and so on city beaches are 5 km away, the city has 14 underpasses, providing access to the beach.

In the coming years will be shopping center and information centers for foreign residents. The cultural life of the city as well developed, hosts a variety of children’s activities, meetings and parties for the Russian-speaking population. Mahmutlar, on a par with other parts of Alanya, a favorite place to stay and rest Scandinavians, Germans, British, Russian-speaking countries. Recently, significantly adding people from Arab countries.

New buildings can be seen in all parts of the city, built more new housing estates, which means that Mahmutlar will be the largest district of Alanya.


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