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The procedure of property`s registration in Turkey

Did you decide to make this step? Do you want to be the owner of paradise's piece in Turkey? It's really simple!


Did you decide to make this step? Do you want to be the owner of paradise’s piece in Turkey? It’s really simple: take your external passport and a little amount for a deposit, the most important – your dream to buy a property in Turkey, in fact it means to have a real house next to seaside. And then everything is very easy!

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The certificate of property’s ownership.

Participants of the transaction provide required documents which are the same in all Turkey. The lead government department which is engaged to the process of the property’s registration is Cadastre Office. The realness and legality of the transaction are guaranteed directly on the state level. Each sales transaction is registered in a special register book, due to it the purchasing person or organization receives a registration number to identify the acquired property.

The unified realness document confirming the right of property’s ownership is a “certificate of property’s ownership” – or Turkish Tapu. Property’s owners have the right to act as an individual or group of individuals and legal entities.

Notary offices in Turkey and Turkish notaries can not make a deal and register the sale of real estate. A notary is only allowed to certify purchase/sale agreements where is specified the terms of payment and the value of transaction.


For the registration of any purchase/sale transaction of real estate, are required the following documents:

1. The purchase/sale agreement for apartments or any other real estate, agreement contains information on the buyer, the seller, the acquired property and details of the purchase.
It is nesessary to check that the acquired property:
Has the real owner, corresponds to the provided documents without debts and charges.
During the confirming of a contract is usually paid the deposit, minimum is 3,000 euros. The other part is paid in accordance with the terms of the contract.

2. The obtaining of individual taxpayer number
How could be received the individual taxpayer number? it can be obtained immediately after the passport’s providing at local tax offices. The presence of this number – it is important for property’s registration, the opening of bank account, the agreement for telephone communication and so on.

3. The opening of bank account.
After the opening of bank account in any Turkish bank in buyer’s name it is easier to transfer the payment for the property. In addition, it is possible to improve the process of paying bills for water, electricity and telephone, automatically making these payments using your bank account.

4. The customer could get notarized power of attorney (optional)
Each property’s buyer has a right to entrust all formalities to real estate consultant. It could be the submitting of documents to the State Registration Chamber, a payment of customer bills, for example, telephone services and electricity. Also except the consultant, in an attorney could be written out another person as a buyer’s representative. The most important point that consultant or another person should provide notarized power of attorney during the formalizations.

5. The assignment of property right to the property’s owner.
After receiving all the necessary permits, which are provided by public authorities, the assignment of property rights of certain property from the seller to the buyer at offices of the State Registration Chamber. It is obligated the presence of an certified interpreter. This process could be held by the representative authorized by the buyer or the seller, or only one for both, if there is a notarized power of attorney.

6. The Sale of real estate, a settlement of estates.
In any time acquired real estate may be sold at the desired price and the got money could be transferred abroad. Resolving the issues related to the redistribution of property rights for example, in case of the property owner’s death, the assignments carry out in virtue of testament which were created in the presence of an serrified interpreter in the State Land Registry Office.

If you choose a property in Turkey, it is important to get an information about objects, the location and region’s infrastructure.

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