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The Russians still buy property in Turkey

Russian citizens still buy real estate in Turkey, despite the recent crisis in relations between the two countries, in 2015 Russians spent 398 million dollars

Despite the crisis between Turkey and Russia that happened after the incident with the downed aircraft, in 2015 the Russians spent 398 million dollars to buy property in Turkey.
From 24th of November, when Turkish F-16 shot down Russian bomber, up to now the Russians spent 37 million dollars to buy real estate in Turkey.
Visa regime’s cancellation has been a cause of the tightening up the trade relations and in the tourism sector, due to this situation sales of real estate have increased. The Russians believe that the crisis in relationships between two countries will be overcome, that the downed aircraft caused the tension only between governments.
If compare property prices around the world, in Turkey it is the lowest price considering a natural beauty of this region which attracts people from different countries. A number of people from the Middle East and Gulf countries, who buy property in Turkey, has increased.
In 2015, Istanbul was the first in the number of sold apartments to foreigners – 600 apartments. In Antalya were sold 426 apartments. In Bursa – 149 apartments, Yalova – 138 apartments and Sakarya – 87. Citizens from the top ten countries buy property in Turkey: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, United States, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Qatar and Azerbaijan.


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