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The Terrorism will be finished quickly


The Terrorism will be finished quickly, said the Vice- Prime Minister of Turkey Numan Kurtulmush. At the press conference, the main theme of which was the last increase of terrorist attacks, Kurtulmush said: “For us, every human life means more than power.” Vice- Prime Minister thinks that we will never go back to the 90th year, we will establish a balance between democracy and security, and will soon finish with terrorism.

By the way, this situation was planned, Kurtulus, said: “The government and state have not liked not like it. The terrorist organization made it. ” Kurtulmush announced that the Turkish military unit started an investigation about the terrorist attack in Daglydzha, said that soon will be published a report.

Besides the terrorist attacks occurred and other undesirable events Kurtulmush said: “Those who make illegal actions, take a part in terrorist attacks or supports terrorism, should not be punished by the civilian population but by the military, police and security forces.” Kurtulmush, paid the attention that the Kurds, Turks, Alevis and Sunnis have to live together on this homeland, and they have no other choice, he said: “We all together continue our way, keeping our brotherhood, neighborliness, kinship and friendship.”


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