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The trip to Turkey by your own car


Many tourists come to Turkey by their own car and owners of real estate for holidays. Some people like traveling even if the way is far. In Alanya you can sight cars from many European countries, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and other Arab countries. But there are some conditions that you need to know and consider.

In Turkey a foreign car can be used not more than six months, for retirees people not more than one year. After this period, you are obliged to leave the country by this car. Moreover, in Turkey in this period, the car’s owner could not leave the country by another way than by this car. For example, you can not fly by an airplane during of the trip, such as Israel or Cyprus, as well as your home. You will have in the passport stamp that you entered to Turkey by car, the customs office will let to go out you from Turkey only by your car.

This law was adopted in Turkey for the owners of cars to do not be able to sell their car in this country. If you want to bring your car for permanent residence, the duty will cost you almost the cost of a vehicle. It is easier to buy a car in Turkey.


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