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Time for “Ashura”.


Ashura is one of the ancient traditional Turkish dishes, also is a wealth’s symbol of each family in Turkey. Turks used to prepare this dish in every family.

This dessert was named Ashura in honor of Ashura’s Day, which are celebrated on the 10th day of the first year’s month. Exactly the word Ashara in Arabic means ten. According to the Koran on this day was the creation of the heavens and the earth, angels and the first man, Adam. At Day of Ashura came apocalypse. That same day, Noah and his followers have found salvation and the ark landed on Mountain Ararat. When the Great Flood was ended, Noah’s Ark settled on the ridges of the Agri and people who were on the ark decided to arrange a holiday in honor of salvation and God’s thanksgiving. However, food into the ark was not so much, that is why they gathered all it together and made the soup. It was prepared the first Ashura.

Day of Ashura in Turkey is one month after the holiday Kurban Bairam. At this time, turkish women begin cooking Ashura and they treat neighbors and relatives, so they prepare Ashura in huge quantities. Traditionally Ashura consists of not less than 15 or more than 41 ingredients. Next to Alanya’s mosques people are invited to taste it.

That is one of options to prepare Ashura:



150 gr. – Wheat

100 gr. – Chickpeas

100 gr. – Beans

100 gr. – Raisins (I prune)

100 gr. – Figs

100 gr. – Apricots

currant (small grapes currant)

150 (200) gr. – Nuts (any nuts in the assortment)

1.5 glass – Sugar

1 piece – cinnamon stick

2 piece – Carnation

peel of one lemon

Pomegranate (for decoration)

7-10 Glasses of Water

  1. wheat, chickpeas, beans pour by water separately and leave overnight.
  2. In the morning drain the water from the wheat, and add 7-10 Glasses of pure water (you can first add 7 glasses If wheat takes all the water, it is possible to add the remaining water). Put on fire and cook until it wi be done. Do not forget to take off the scum.
  3. chickpeas and beans In a separate pan cook until it will be done.
  4. Beans and chickpeas add to wheat and other ingredients (cut dried fruits, put the whole nuts) and cook together on low heat for about an hour. At last 15 minutes add the grated lemon rind.
  5. Serve as a cold or hot. Decorate with pomegranate, figs, dried apricots or nuts.
  6. The preparing time are about 2 hours.



If you put the prunes, so Ashura will be dark, but the taste is also great.

You can put any dried fruits and nuts and if something is absent, it is not the problem. If 1,5 glass of sugar is a lot, so you could put it less.


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