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Today is the International Marine Day


Marine Day was invented by the UN in 1978. The main goal and objective that people start to pay attention to the many problems of the sea. The main task is the saving of marine resources, artificially reduced as a result of human activity. This happens by cause of the uncontrolled catching of fish, decreasing of marine population as a result the pollution of the marine environment. One of the main task is reducing the damage from the development of new subsea oil fields. According to official UN information, the number of tuna, cod over the past 100 years, decreased about 90% of the total. People throw to the sea 20 million oil’s barrel every year. In some parts of the world, the water surface disappeared, lost only the place with rubbish which as a small countries. Every year waste production and human life to kill 100,000 marine mammals and fish. Also by cause of a global warming is growing annually sea level. For 100 years the water has increased by 25 centimeters. The official holiday day by the UN decision is any day of last week on September. Happy Marine Day!


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