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Tourism in Alanya


Tourism in Alanya is very important in the development of the all region. In Alanya there is not industry, there is not manufacturing sector. Local residents in remote areas are engaged in agriculture. In Alanya are grown bananas, which provide little income to the city’s budget. Major income is from tourism, hotels, shops, cafes, restaurants, Alanya lives off tourism.

Alanya has been visited by the inhabitants of the European countries. It is a quiet town on the Mediterranean coast, far from the big cities, has become a place of residence for many Europeans. Originally hotels were built for Europeans in the early ’90s, when a lot of Russians went for the holiday abroad, including Turkey, bringing with him a pack of dollars and scattering its, many hoteliers have changed their direction towards Russia. So for example in Mahmutlar lost only one hotel, where germans rest, in all other hotels Russian tourists rest.

After the hotels started construction of real estate, which was bought by Europeans and then the Russians started to buy the real state in large quantities. Now, due to the economic situation in Russia, tourism on the decline, this year the number of tourists decreased by 30-40%, all this situation is reflected in the income of Turks. The tourism sector is loss, the real estate market, too. The Turks do not hide the disappointment, they say that the Russians arrive but many of them no have money.

Many hotel owners and developers are once again began change the direction to European countries. Turkey let to buy property to Arab countries. The place that takes Russia in the tourism and real estate, gradually take people from other countries. Nowadays, in Alanya tourism and real estate, is the main and major sources of income and Turks do not think to lose it.


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