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Turkey creates a “Noise Map” for a comfortable life of citizens


At the moment, according to the Sabah newspaper, the card is ready in 46 regions of Turkey. The authorities of the remaining provinces continue to work.

According to the Minister of Environment and Urban Planning of Turkey, Murat Kurum, the purpose of creating such a map is to identify enterprises and establishments with an increased noise level, as well as to assess the noise limit values ​​on roads and railways, at airports, at construction sites, etc., which interfere with comfortable life of city dwellers.

Previously, the media have already published reports on the noisiest areas. A few years ago it was known that in Istanbul alone, more than 300 thousand residents suffer from noise. And the most “loud” areas were considered the surroundings of the then operating Ataturk airport.

The Noise Reduction Action Plan prepared by the Environmental Protection and Control Authority of Istanbul Municipality includes noise barriers to reduce sound exposure, road surfaces with silent asphalt, alternative noise barriers such as green walls (from plants), traffic adjustment (including speed limits), etc. It is planned to limit the work of especially loud equipment. Establishments that disturb the townspeople, especially at night, are fined.

In a number of cities, special laboratories have already been created to measure the noise level and assess its harm to human health.