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Turkey has a second place in the world in the medicine’s development


Medical Tourism in Turkey and in the world in recent years is an alternative tourism. The geographical location of Turkey, the medical facilities, experienced professional staff in the medicine’s field, hot springs and natural beauty: it makes medical tourism in Turkey so attractive. The historical and cultural wealth, the high development of medicine Turkey is one of the most attractive countries.

According to the Union, medical tourism, 70 percent of visitors come to Turkey for medical services, tourists come from Germany, the Netherlands, France, the Turkic republics, Austria and the Middle East. 92 percent of them prefer private clinics, the remaining 8 per cent – public hospitals in Turkey. In the health sector in Turkey for the last 9 years, made great reforms and changes.

Turkey provides services in accordance with European standards, builds modern hospitals, teaches new professional medical personnel, technology infrastructure. 42 medical institutions, including 37 hospitals, 3 laboratories, 1 unit for organ transplants, and one ambulatory care center, accredited by the Joint Commission International JCI, Turkey took the second place in the world in this field.

Turkey is ready to provide medical services to foreign patients according to European standards, and tourists can take advantage not only from the experience of the medical staff, but also to enjoy the natural beauty of Turkey, the rich culture and history.


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