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Turkey imposes fines for noisy air conditioners

Турция вслед за созданием «шумовой Карты» вводит штрафы за нарушение покоя соседей от работы кондиционеров.

Turkey, following the creation of the “Noise Map”, whose actions will be aimed at reducing the level of urban noise that bothers residents: from highways, construction sites, industrial enterprises, nightclubs and bars, etc. now also introduces fines for disturbing the peace of neighbors from the operation of air conditioners.

In 2020 alone, the Antalya Region Environment and Urban Development Authority issued penalty receipts for “noise pollution” in the total amount of 9.9 million Turkish lira.

Now, the authorities will also make sure that too loud air conditioners do not interfere with people living in houses to relax and just live in peace.

No one will fine without warning: if a complaint is received, the appropriate team leaves for the applicant’s apartment and takes measurements. If the air conditioner works, in fact, too noisy, they get in touch with its owner and give time to solve the problem. Indeed, in many cases, the “loudness” of an air conditioner or split system is caused by the fact that the equipment is installed incorrectly or in the wrong place, and this issue can be quite realistically settled.

If it was not possible to settle the case with excessive noise within the specified period, the owner of the air conditioner risks receiving a fine of 14,740 Turkish lira (1,650 euros).


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