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Turkey prepares for an entering to Schengen


Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the end of international talks held a conference. Davutoglu said that they should considerate in detail different global and regional problems, particularly developments in the Middle East and the issue of Syria. The Prime Minister said that during the meeting with Angela Merkel, they also discussed issues about cancelation of visas for Turkish citizens and accelerate the process of Turkey’s EU membership. A week ago, Merkel said that she is against Turkey’s EU membership, and that her opinion is changed. We make efforts to complete the preparation to enter to the Schengen by the middle of 2016, instead of 2017 as was planned. I hope that on July 2016 will be signed the agreement at the same time about the readmission agreement and the Schengen regime for Turkey.

Perhaps in the near future, Turkey will be once again a distant country, to come only buying the ticket will be impossible.


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