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Turkey won’t introduce visa regime with Russia

Turkey won't introduce visa regime with Russia and in part is ready to offset the fuel for charters

The Turkish authorities won’t cancel  a visa-free regime with Russia in 2016. They are also able to offset 6 thousand dollars for charter’s fuel, if the plane delivers Russian tourists.  “Action’s Plan” was provided and developed by the Culture and Tourism’s Ministry in Turkey. According to the newspaper Milliyet, Turkey won’t introduce the visa regime to “send a positive message to the Russian society.”
In accordance with forecasts published by the Tourism’s Ministry in Turkey, in 2016 due to the economic crisis and the decline of bilateral relations, it is expected no less than 40 percent losses of tourists from Russia. It will affect the 54 sectors, connected with the tourism industry.
In order to offset losses of Russian tourists, Turkey will develop an alternative directions. It is planned to compensate the cost of fuel for aircrafts from 12 European countries from 1st of March till 15th of June. According to the newspaper Sabah, it will increase the tourist flow by 750 thousand persons, up to 8 million tourists, from the “European direction.”


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