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Turkish universities every day is more popular for foreign students


By the number of universities and scientists, Turkey becomes a competitor, taking an important place in the world in the field of higher education. An increasing number of applications from the world to receive a government scholarship in Turkey. 89% compared to last year increased the number of applications from foreign students participating in the competition for the Turkish government scholarship to get a master degree. If last year the application for the grant came from 176 countries, this year – from 182 countries. The number of applicants has increased from 82 thousand to 155 thousand people. The state Foundation scholarships in Turkey provides the education and also medical insurance, accommodation, a monthly money for accommodation and air two way tickets. In addition to medical insurance, if a student has no health problems, he gets bonuses. Students can go to Turkish language courses and receive an accommodation. As well as government scholarships include a monthly living money. A common student gets 600 lire a month, in the master’s degree- 850 lire per month, a doctoral student receives 1250 lire per month, and scholarships for the research is 2,500 lire a month.


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