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Undiscovered Mahmutlar


Mahmutlar has more than 30.000 permanent inhabitants and increases vastly in the summer period. The infra-structure is based on European standards – pipes and electrical systems, as well as the sewer-system. In 2004/2005 the shops on Barbaros Blvd. were changed from the traditional Turkish ones to the European standard. However, if you prefer the Turkish traditions – you will find what you are looking for on Atatürk street. And at the Saturday market in the center – or the Tuesday market in the eastern end of Mahmutlar. In the past people had to go to Alanya for certain things (shopping, bank, paying bills etc.). Today Mahmutlar has everything. And most people prefer to shop and eat in these quiet environments where no one “drags” you into the place or hangs over you when you look at the products. In Mahmutlar it is well-known that Europeans do not like to be bothered while shopping or eating.

Shops, restaurants, bars, small kind of discos (hotels), one large disco, car-rentals, handy-crafts, hairdressers and, of course, Turkish Baths. (In fact, if you want it, Mahmutlar has got it.)

For children there are many small parks, equipped for playing. And after a walk, you can rest on a bench, in the sun, in one of the many small green parks.

 The beach

The place for relaxation. The place for enjoying a cold beer, for games and for activities. Maybe lunch. A place to meet. All this can be done whilst enjoying the sea-breeze to cool you down.

The Taurus mountains

It is love at first sight. It happens to every one of us. We could write a whole book about these mountains, but you would have to experience this for yourself.


Every Tuesday the east end of Mahmutlar changes into a big market place. In this market the main products are clothes, bags and also plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts and sweets. In fact, it is paradise for the shoppers.

On Saturday you will find the main market near the clock, with all the above.

Normal shops are the same as you would find in Europe. In fact you do not have to leave Mahmutlar, it has everything.

Sporting and games

As in the rest of Turkey, football is number one here. Mahmutlar has football-fields, used by many people. However, many other sports can be found. Whether your sport be is active one or playing cards sitting in a local tea room. All of these can be found in Mahmutar.

Mahmutlar, located in the best area of the Turkish Riviera.

The coast belt that Mahmutlar belongs to, has an amazing way of escaping the rain. When it is raining “cats and dogs” in the Alanya-district and on the other side towards Gazipaşa as well, we can see only a few drops. Still our fields are green from the water coming down from the beautiful mountains behind us. And, of course, we also have rainy days here.

Mahmutlar is rich in many ways. Not only because most Europeans want to live here. We also have a great history, and we are surrounded by the two most beautiful elements of nature: Mountains and ocean. And plenty of plantations with magnificent fruits.



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