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Unpacked cheese is already banned in Turkey

A new law, which prohibits the sale of unpackaged cheese, has entered into force in Turkey since 1st of January 2016

In connection with Turkey will join the European Union soon and in accordance with EU standards, this type of product as cheese must be packaged and labeled. However, cheese’s sellers have already expressed their dissatisfaction on requirements.
“It’s a great idea to raise standards of hygiene. But it will also increase the cost of cheese. Moreover, each buyer would like to taste the cheese before buying. We have to open the vacuum  packaging to let taste it and then re-package “, – said an owner of the creamery shop in Izmir, expressing dissatisfaction as many sellers.
Also farmers are against the new law because in many households it’s not possible to wrap up vacuum packaging. Farmers should purchase an equipment so the cost of cheese will increase, it’s not good for buyers.
Nowadays, according to the Food Code of Turkey, cheese and milk products must have packaging containing the date and place of production, an expiration date.


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