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Where it is necessary to go on excursions in Alanya

Sightseeing tour in Alanya, Rafting, Diving, Dolphinarium Sealanya, The pirate boat "Viking", Waterpark Sealanya Seapark


Sightseeing tour in Alanya. On this tour, you should start your acquaintance with Alanya. You will visit the main sightseeings – the Red Tower, the fortress, the Archaeological Museum, the Mosque of Magnificent Suleiman. You will be transferred to the Damlatashskaya cave where you can admire the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and other sightseeings in Alanya.

Rafting. This tour is for real adventurers who are not afraid to defy nature. Rafting – an alloy on rubber boats on the bustling mountain stream. Organizers of the event transfer a group of adventurers to the Koprulu Canyon on the many kilometers of river station. Adventures have to be prepared to passage of rapids and relaxing swim at a relatively quiet channel.

Diving. In Alanya divers gather from around all the world. Alanya is a great place for divers, because there is a lot of interesting flooded objects. For example, the Turkish Air Force aircraft, overgrown shells on a 25-meter depth, or sarcophagus which has age about two millenniums. Alanya has a system of diving – tours, the rent of yachts, boats.

Dolphinarium Sealanya. It is located on the Boulevard Akdeniz – it’s about 20 minutes driving from Alanya. Every day we organize shows with dolphins, sea lions and seals. Dolphins are open to dialogue with everyone, so the child can play with them while the break. This tour is better to plan in advance, because there are a lot of visitors.

The pirate boat “Viking”. This is a real old pirate boat, get the permission on board is very difficult, as the owners of the yacht cooperate only with the official tour operator. Animators, managers, barman will make your vacation as an unforgettable adventure. You can visit the picturesque grottoes, feed the piranhas and watch diver jumping from a 230-meter cliff.

Waterpark Sealanya Seapark. Holiday in Alanya is unthinkable without a visit to the water park. The beauty of Sealanya Seapark is versatility, except for the water park, there is a dolphin, as well as attraction “Slow River” ringing the entire complex. Immersed in the bottom of the central pool, you can see the caves, columns, crumbling amphora and shells, also there small fishes swim.

Relax with pleasure, visit tours in Alanya.


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