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Zara, Mango and H&M stop working because of Rus sanctions

Zara, Mango and H & M think for suspension of the activity in Turkey by cause of Russian sanctions

Zara, Mango and H & M by cause of the Russian sanctions could refuse the couture in Turkey. The Turkish TV channel T24 made this conclusion, informed Rambler News Service on Sunday, 20th of December.
According to the TV channel, the company would like the Turkish partners remove the labels “Made in Turkey”, by cause of appeared problems with clothes’ supply into Russia. It is important to note that brands have a stock’s congestion in Turkey and also in other European countries. It isn’t specified what exactly the problems had.
In the near future companies will move goods’ fabrication, which were designed for Russia, to other countries. Later, they can completely withdraw from Turkey reported by Turkish TV.
On 18th of December, the mass media reported that the Russian government could share the sanctions list as for Turkey until the end of the year. Currently, the special economic sanctions affected several sectors.
In particular, from 1st of January, 2016 it is prohibited supplying to Russia certain agricultural products and foodstuffs produced in Turkey. Charters were canceled and from 1st of January, 2016 for Turkish citizens visa-free regime will be suspended. Russian tour operators aren’t allowed to sell trips to Turkey.
The Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered to impose sanctions as for Ankara in the end of November.


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